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How our products and services are transforming the business of travel


Unrivalled choice of airfares

This global negotiation strength means our people have access to the widest range of airfares on sale in the UK and many of these fares are not available through our competitors. Our globally integrated systems and multiple product platforms combined with our relationships with the world’s leading travel suppliers, means FCM can deliver unrivalled choice and availability.

Trained to source and select the right type of product, our people help your business save every time you travel. Knowing where to source the right product and how to select the right rate or fare is a key skill of every FCM travel consultant. We believe there are seven ways to buy an airfare and many competitors can only check four of these avenues at best on each quote. 


Expert negotiation

As an FCM client you will benefit from the support of our dedicated air contracting team. Working in tandem with you and your account manager, we identify opportunities to reduce your costs and minimise spend. In addition, the team focus on ensuring we secure the ‘best fit’ for your specific business travel needs. Leveraging FCTG’s total spend, this highly experienced team are not only able to ensure rate compliance with your own procurement policy, but can benchmark your industry rates against those of similar sized clients in the market to ensure they are competitive and relative to current conditions.

Global fare finding system

Our global fare finding capabilities give our travel consultants access to the lowest prices and widest selection of airline seat inventory. FCM GlobalFares is the name of our unique  international ticketing solution. It is a multi global distribution system (GDS), webbased reservation solution that allows partners to access fares and availability from around our network.The system links our reservation systems to one central web platform, allowing the option to search, book and request ticketing from over 30+ countries. This often results in lower fares, better availability or more flexible fare rules.

Specialist fares

In addition to having access to specialist fare types such as marine fares, offshore fares and entertainment fares, FCM also has three specialist units dedicated to supporting our travel  consultants in offering you the best air product and creative fare construction: our creative fares unit, specialist fares unit, and product development managers.Creative ticketing is also undertaken. A manual approach which draws on our travel consultants’ level of expertise to deliver additional cost savings. They know the details of airlines’ fares, discounts and opportunities tap into different fare types, combining segments in creative ways to save you money.

Client hotel programmes 

Our FCM Hotel Solutions team are a dedicated in house team who work with you to create and implement an effective hotel programme for your company. Our Client Hotel Programmes are designed to help save your business time, resources and costs. 
With our extensive product knowledge, global supplier relationships and advanced technology solutions the team lead and manage all elements of your hotel selection process. Working in conjunction with your FCM account manager, we take a consultative approach to understand the needs of both your business and travellers.

In addition to rate negotiation, FCM can also provide in depth reporting and analysis by destination to help you maximise your hotel spend. By integrating traveller feedback into the hotel selection process we ensure that cutting hotel costs doesn’t mean cutting back on comfort for the traveller.

Global hotel programme

FCM has preferred partnerships with more than 29,000 properties worldwide. These hotels are carefully selected to match our corporate travellers’ requirements locally and globally. Our Global Hotel Programme provides you with access to a wide range of hotels and rate offers where your company may not have preferred supplier contacts.


In addition, clients of FCM have access to our exclusive SmartSTAY rates. SmartSTAY is an initiative in conjunction with our rate preferred programme, where we have negotiated three value added benefits for our clients when booking their hotel through FCM, at no additional cost.

Door to door solutions

FCM works with a range of local and global service providers to ensure get your travellers safely from home, to the airport, onto their hotel and to their meetings on time. We partner with specialist car transfer companies, leading car hire providers and are able to negotiate not only rates, but also mileage fees, upgrades and insurance. Our new business car rental packages are designed with the business traveller in mind, with a range of added value benefits included.

On the right track

Rail fares are notoriously complex with a multitude of possible combinations. By booking rail through FCM, your travellers can be confident they are being offered the most cost-effective fare which gives them the flexibility they need.

FCM has significant experience in providing domestic and international rail travel services and we make rail reservations via a number of platforms. Key functionalities of our rail booking tools are the ability to build in your corporate travel policy and manage differing policies (for example, group and divisional levels); split journeys between peak and off peak to ensure the most cost effective fares at all times; and data capture for reporting.

We have the flexibility to arrange for rail ticket printers should you require as well as print your own tickets when appropriate. In each case we will explore all relevant fare types in order to present the booker with the widest selection of policy-compliant choices.

Combining people with technology for optimum efficiency

We believe an online tool should be simple and intuitive to use and quick to provide the user with what they are looking for. We do not, however, rely solely on technology to provide your  booking solution as no online tool alone can find the best fare or rate 100% of the time. We offer a blended solution of online combined with our consultant expertise. Every booking whether made online or offline, will be quality checked by a member of your dedicated FCM booking team to ensure that a lower price is not available or a more logical solution is not available.