Our single gateway makes it easy to access all your travel tools

FCM’s HUB provides one simple connection point through which travellers, bookers and managers will access comprehensive travel resources and FCM Connect technology solutions.

Incorporating profile management, booking, request and approve functionality, HUB can be configured to suit your organisation’s travel programme requirements.

Wherever you are in the world, you can connect to your integrated technology suite across any device via HUB.


Discover HUB

HUB provides one simple connection point to multiple technology tools which deliver on your travel programme. Easily customised for your company both in design and configuration, HUB serves as the gateway to access a full suite of travel resources and your integrated technology platform via the device of your choice.

Whether you’re a traveller, manager or booker, you’ll appreciate the benefits of one combined system which offers a superior user experience. HUB provides seamless integration of single sign on, HR feeds and the mobile app.

Designed for

Travel Technology Suite

Features and Benefits

  • Personalised dashboard views for travellers, bookers and managers to ensure visibility of the most relevant information.
  • New user interface designed for easy interaction whether you are accessing via PC, tablet or mobile device.
  • Embedded snapshots of your organisation’s travel data are displayed on the dashboard for quick reference and users can easily drill down to the interconnected technologies for more comprehensive information.
  • Central profile management, synchronised with GDS and booking tools with capability to allow integration with your HR system for automated profile updates.
  • Tasks and information feature incorporates prompts for travellers to update missing or out of date information and alerts managers to approve bookings.
  • Bookers have the ability to adopt traveller view to complete tasks and access traveller’s dashboard for a more streamlined process.

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