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With rapid developments in technology it is clear we are entering a new age of possibility within corporate travel.


FCM believes that a simple online booking tool no longer meets the needs of our customers. A complete travel ecosystem is required to truly assist corporations to drive their global travel spend effortlessly and smartly. This environment must also present an easy and flexible user experience.

Seeqa, developed collaboratively with our technology partner, Amadeus, is designed to deliver simplicity, personalisation, savings and insight.

Across the spectrum of the booking experience, integration capabilities, customisation and cost savings Seeqa stands at the forefront of the industry in driving customer success.


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Simplicity. Personalisation. Savings. Insight.

Seeqa is part of FCM Connect, our integrated global platform of travel technology tools designed to get you and your travellers moving. Across the booking, travelling and management journey you’re completely connected with a streamlined travel programme.

Seeqa for Managers

Travel Managers ▶

Save costs and optimise your corporate travel programme

Seeqa is a complete online travel management solution. It is an efficient, seamless, end-to-end way to control costs and empower business travellers.

Seeqa for Bookers

Travel Bookers ▶

When you are responsible for booking corporate travel, every efficiency counts

Whether you're responsible for booking travel for one person or for multiple travellers, Seeqa's Travel Arranger dashboard delivers advanced visibility and functionality to save you time and reduce the stress of managing travel.

Seeqa for Travellers

Business Travellers ▶

What if booking business travel was as personalised as booking your holiday?

With a user-experience similar to booking leisure travel, Seeqa presents options to suit your preferences and needs as well as assisting you to remain within your company travel policy.

Extend the benefits of Seeqa with integrated technology

An exciting development in 2018 is single sign on to Seeqa via Sam, your 24-hour personal travel assistant.

Travellers on the move will be more connected than ever before and bale to make additional bookings if their plans change. Any new booking made by a traveller is the easily visible to their Travel Booker or Travel Manager, creating a simple connected flow.

Hub Diagram

Seamless integration within a leading technology platform

Seeqa is already easily accessible within the FCM Connect technology platform through HUB. FCM is developing the technology to present Seeqa's features and functions directly housed within your customised HUB dashboard.

Traveller profile information is seamlessly integrated across all FCM applications saving you time and ensuring a personalised experience.

This advanced level of interconnection will deliver on FCM's promise to provide a complete travel ecosystem through a single interface. Managing your travel programme will be effortless.


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The best of all worlds

More choice than ever before in a single platform

Seeqa unites travel content from one of the richest GDSs in the world, external content and FCM’s unique airfares and rates to deliver you the widest choice.

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