Access big data to elevate your performance with Analytics.

Analytics is a scalable reporting solution that gives you greater insight into your company’s travel programme via in depth insights.

Our smart data analytics technology empowers you to run advanced reports to provide real intelligence for better travel programme decisions. Connect to external travel, non-travel and expense data for cross platform analytics simplifying access and integration. Analytics offers:

  • Benchmarking, forecasting and scenario-based planning
  • Consolidated multinational data for easy visibility of programme performance across markets
  • Ability to better manage your relationships with airlines, hotels and other suppliers
  • Facilitation of program change and improvement
  • Insight to identify opportunities to improve compliance and performance

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The key to making shrewd commercial and operational decisions relating to your travel programme relies on both having access to meaningful data and the ability to translate this data into intelligence through analysis.

Our Analytics platform uses big data to give you the power to formulate actionable strategy.

Designed for

Mobile Travel Analytics

Features and Benefits

  • A central platform which gathers and stores reservation and financial data for better visibility of key areas of expenditure
  • A self-service business intelligence solution which gives you increased capability to slice and dice data to build your own reports and dashboards as required
  • Connect to external travel, non-travel and expense data for cross platform analytics simplifying access, comparison and integration
  • Set KPI targets for areas of focus and receive alerts when this threshold is reached / exceeded or to indicate underperformance
  • Your organisation can choose to adopt ‘viewer’ access which allows users to simply view reports and dashboards; or ‘editor’ status which allows users to create their own dashboards and templates
  • For organisations choosing ‘editor’ status, the tool is easy to use, intuitive and your authorised users will receive comprehensive training and full support.
  • Analyse supplier contracts and traveller behaviour
  • Accessible via HUB across any device at any time
  • Embed reports and dashboards on internal websites or your own intranet
  • Implementation is available on both a national and multi-national basis
  • Easily evaluate and optimise your travel strategy

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