CSR Policy

Flight Centre Foundation

The Flight Centre Foundation is Flight Centre Travel Group Limited’s charitable trust that allows the company, our employees and extended Flight Centre family to give back to our community. Funds raised via the Foundation are passed directly to our partner charities – Foodbank, Redkite, Youngcare and Bush Heritage – to continue their invaluable work.

Flight Centre UK

Charity of the Year – every year our employees select a charity to support company-wide. Our 2014 charity was Make A Wish. Staff raised £191,823 by undertaking Thames Path Challenge, London to Brighton cycle, Spartan Races, Quiz nights, Hampton Court Half Marathon, Great North Run, Liverpool half marathon, parachute jumps, climbing Kilimanjaro. In addition staff in our London offices undertook a wish challenge – they were tasked with making four ‘wishes’ happen within two hours, phoning clients and suppliers to donate elements of each wish, whilst raising £10k in the process. Our nominated charity for 2015-2016 is the Alzheimer's Society and Alzheimer's Scotland and to date we have raised £152,000

FCM Sustainable Futures

FCM shares the growing worldwide concern for our environment. Through FCM Sustainable Futures, we play an active role in protecting local natural resources, with our activities ranging from tree planting to carbon emission offset programmes.

Carbon Reporting and Offsetting

The world is our workplace. Travel will continue to be a vital part of conducting business and it is important to not only understand our carbon footprint but to take steps to mitigate it. FCM Travel Solutions is committed to promoting sustainable travel practices and making it easy for our clients to both understand and offset their carbon footprint. 


In conjunction with our partner, Susterra, FCM Travel Solutions can provide comprehensive carbon emission reporting to a far more detailed level than available elsewhere. Developed specifically for FCM, the FCM Carbon Footprint  Calculator takes carbon emission reporting to a whole new level of accuracy. This software calculates the carbon footprint of any flight on any  airline in the world. Whereas most methodology calculates average footprints for designated flight routes (LHR-JFK) and only takes into consideration CO2; our software is specific to route and airline (LHR- JFK-BA/LHR-JFK-AA), and accounts for all major GHG (CO2, N2O, CH4) and radiative forcing. 

This means the calculations are not only more accurate, but can assist businesses reduce their annual carbon footprint by choosing the most environmentally efficient route and, where applicable, airlines. 


Should you wish FCM Travel Solutions to facilitate the offsetting of your carbon footprint, the process is simple. Along with your Emissions Report, FCM Travel Solutions will provide an invoice for the cost of offsetting. Your carbon offsets will be chosen from key locations across the globe, using VCS (Verified Carbon Standard). VCS is the largest independently verified programme in the voluntary carbon market. All projects not only reduce emissions but also have additional social, economic and environmental benefits to local communities.

Through FCM Travel Solutions, the cost per tonne to offset is £2.50 which we believe to be the lowest offset rate in the market.

FCM Sustainable Futures also includes the day-to-day actions that uphold FCM's environmental policy.

FCM's Environmental Policy

In all parts of the world, FCM Travel Solutions values its natural and urban environments. Sound environmental practices form an important part of our sustainable development policy and we are committed to protecting our surrounding environs in our day-to-day operations.

We aim to nurture a corporate culture in which all members of our global family respect the environment, and play a willing role in our protection of the environment. 

In addition, Flight Centre UK is actively working to reduce energy usage by:

  • Using sensor lighting in all head office locations
  • Installing energy efficient lighting in new tenancy areas, including open plan offices and meeting rooms
  • Minimising after hours air-conditioning use
  • Installing blinds to minimise cooling and heating costs
  • Installing multi purpose devices to reduce the number of appliances in use
  • Having automatic switch off time clocks for all signage
  • Encouraging staff to switch-off appliances and equipment when not in use; and
  • Procuring energy efficient appliances to replace existing stock 
  • Taking significant steps to reduce waste through recycling and waste reduction