FCM Travel Health

Employer duty of care extends well beyond emergency travel support and our Travel Health service ensures our clients can take a considered proactive strategy to manage the health and well- being of their travellers.

Travel Health

From recommendations for required vaccinations to bespoke medical services based on specific travel requirements, our comprehensive range of travel health solutions provide our clients with confidence and our travellers with peace of mind.
FCM Travel Health means your employees are travel-ready prior to their journey, as well as being supported while they are away. FCM has partnered with MASTA, the UK’s largest private travel clinic network to bring our clients a comprehensive travel health and medical support solution.
Our qualified nurses will provide travel health risk assessments, vaccinations and occupational health advice. We currently have three of our own Travel Clinic sites across London in Kensington, Richmond and Monument, with plans for a further 17 clinics across the UK. In addition to this, travellers are able to use any of the 151 MASTA clinics in the UK. 

A doctor’s care anywhere:

Digital doctor and healthcare management – whilst in the UK or abroad, your employees can benefit from best in class medical advice, support, diagnosis along with direction and guidance for next steps. Secure online video appointments available 365 days a year – anywhere.
FCM believes that as a travel management company, we need to manage every aspect of travel. This comprehensive approach to travel health provides an enhanced  support of your duty of care you won’t find elsewhere and gives employers confidence and travellers peace of mind.

Vaccinations services:

  • ƒƒClinics staff by qualified medical professionals
  • ƒƒFace to face or telephone consultations available
  • ƒƒSpecific tailored travel health advice complete with bespoke
  • Travel Health Brief
  • ƒƒAll vaccinations are kept on site
  • ƒƒAll sites are registered yellow fever centres
  • ƒƒCorporate billing
  • ƒƒOff site corporate / VIP services