Special report: Women in business travel

Women in business travel
White Papers 07 Nov 2018

In an age where gender diversity is a red-hot topic, are corporate travel programmes conditioned to treat their male and female travellers the same or is the trend towards personalisation and the cost of talent retention forcing travel managers to consider whether a more tailored approach is beneficial?

In 2016, research amongst female travel buyers and their travellers found that, the main, travellers were treated equably. Only 21.94% said that women were treated less well than the men but 70.02% believed that travel suppliers should try harder to address the needs of female business travellers. The same research suggested a dis-engagement with travel policy. 77% felt policy should take account of female travellers’ specific needs.

Two years on, have things changed? Are travel programmes treating male and female travellers any differently and, if not, are travel managers missing a trick?

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Women in business travel special report


During summer 2018, FCM carried out its first Big Business Travel Survey among its business travel clients. Respondents' roles and backgrounds were varied; from senior management to sales, administration and support. The survey set out to find out and compare attitudes towards business travel among male and female travellers - some of the results may surprise you...

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