White Paper: building a mobile strategy for your corporate travel programme

Building a mobile strategy for your business travel programme
White Papers 05 Oct 2018

The increased use of mobile devices for travel has been nothing short of dramatic since the first apps appeared nearly a decade ago. Smartphones and tablets are a necessity in the business travel space and most will have multiple travel apps downloaded on them in order to smooth their way through airports, hotels, car hire pick-ups, airport to downtown transport options, to digitalise expenses and the like.

The move to a mobile world came in tandem with a move to a self-service world in which travellers can book travel and communicate directly with travel suppliers to better manage their trips. Apps have filled the gap for savvy travellers to book and update travel itineraries on the move.

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Building a mobile strategy for your business travel programme

Why you should incorporate mobile strategies into your travel programme

A survey of corporate travel buyers from around the world in 2017 by ACTE highlighted how business travel preferences are changing by an increase in use of market disruptors such as sharing economy lodgings (up by 25%), app-based transportation (up by 56%), and ride shares (up by 50%). But in 2016 69% of companies had not implemented a mobile travel strategy into their travel programme, against 31% who had...

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